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Date Posted:25th Feb 2017
Item Title:Head rotor 7180-650S DELPHI type
Item Posting No.:00005676
Item sale price:USD 45
Item Description:China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is the 10 top manufacturers for fuel injection parts in China.
We pursue the high quality, best prices and services.
In this field, we have decade’s experiences of manufacturer and export.

Anything requirements or question, please contact Vivian.
Contact Vivian
Company E-mail:
SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
TEL: 86-594-2650550
CELL: +8613799690614

More products are as below:
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7180-973L 976L 975
7180-650S 708S 810
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7180-647U 344U 652
7180-668U 344U 991
" 344U 652
7180-722U 248U 246
7180-819U 820U 246
7180-613W 708W 706
7180-668W 344W 991
7180-572Y 91Y 906
7183-121K 527K 521
7183-128K 528K 517
7183-129K 043K 517
7183-136K 466K 521
7183-113L 436L 435
7183-125L 528L 671
7183-156L 878L 769
7183-165L 528L 783
7185-023L 511L 677
7185-101L 256L 254
7185-114L 314L 315
7185-187L 943L 106
7185-196L 481L 059
7185-197L 482L 408
7185-626L 215L 343
7185-627L 326L 868
7185-706L 326L 871
7185-906L 326L 871
7185-913L 326L 868
7185-917L 345L 863
7185-918L 328L 864
7189-267K 004K 054
7189-039L 004L 051
7189-340L 159L 326
7189-376L 004L 326
Item Condition:brand new
Contact Name:Vivian
Contact's Email:Click here to email contact
Contact's Address/Telephone/Fax:Hualin Industrial Zone


If you communicate with the seller at the above listed contact details rather than the email contact form please mention quoting the item title and posting number.


Buyer's Safety Notice  Please read for safe trading hints and suggestions.


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